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24. Basic Vinyl Chess Board + Pieces + Bag (3 colors)

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Carryall Tournament Chess Bag with Vinyl Chess Board and plastic chess pieces

Carryall Tournament Chess Bag
The Carryall Tournament Chess Bags are the perfect answer for carrying all of your chess equipment. Each 23" x 7" carryall chess bag is made of durable nylon canvas and will hold a rolled-up chess board, a full set of chess pieces (even the 4" pieces), and most chess clocks. (it has a padded 9" x 5" x 2.5" clock pouch. The bag comes with a detachable shoulder strap for easy transportation. It also holds pencils, an identification card, and still has room for scorebooks, chess books, and small magazines! This chess bag is also unique in that it's well placed padded pockets will keep the bag balanced whether you carry a clock or not.

- 23" x 7" chess bag holds everything!
- 9" x 5" x 2.5" padded clock pouch to hold most clocks
- Shoulder strap for easy transportation
- Sturdy handles and zipper
- Perfectly balanced
- Padded for protection

Tournament Standard Chess Board
- Board measures 20" by 20"
- 2 1/4" squares

Chess Pieces
- Chess pieces are the standard Staunton design and have a 3¾" tall King with a 1½" felt paper base
- Complete set of 32 chess pieces PLUS extra Queens
- Meet all tournament standards

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    Everything will be shipped to Lower Lab, and backpacked home to your students in time for Grade Nationals Championships. Please make sure to include your child's name and homeroom number at check out on ParentSquare.